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Fast & Easy

Dowload, Tap & Swypr. Jobs at your fingertips!

Simple UX

All you need to do is Swypr right or left on jobs you are interested in.

Social Media Connect

Use our connector to LinkedIn & Facebook to pull data and build your profile in minutes.

What makes Swypr Different?

Look what our app has to offer

What makes Swypr Different?

Look what our app has to offer

Built-in chat

Swypr offers a direct connection with the Hiring Manager by offering the candidate a chance to have a conversation, a pre-interview call, a video call session with the Built-in chat module.

Applicant Tracking System

An innovative Applicant Tracking System that manages your recruitment needs from sourcing all the way through to onboarding. Our solution is designed to work various Directory solutions and Identity Access Management solutions.

Recruitment CRM

This offers agencies out there with a tool that digitalize their entire recruitment process; from parsing cv, following up a lead, trawling through social media, communicating with potential candidates, invoicing and payments.

Connect Anonymously

Swypr protects your privacy, so if you are in a job and are dipping your toes in the job market; your current employers will not know that you are actively looking. Your CV will not be distributed all over the internet for the world to see.

No other App does it better

Handcrafted UX

Swypr was designed with you in mind, the UX is so simple yet so different from other apps on the market. We have raised the bar and at the same time provide a world class app.

Smart Design

The Swypr app uses a Card UI design; jobs are curated and you can either use your finger or your head (iOS devices only).

Your Jobs from Anywhere!

We are currently working on the CRM update to the app to allow you access your jobs from anywhere. Also we are working on extending Swypr to be an end-to-end solution for Companies and Agencies linking into existing Identity Access Processes & Tools.

Your Profile

Swypr app learns as you use the service; it only shows you what you want. Gone are the days where you get emails about jobs that you don't have any skillset for. And don't forget to include a profile picture, a picture says a thousand words!

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What people are saying!

Change is coming.

We are changing Recruitment in the UK!

Designed with you in mind!

Its the Year of the Candidate!

A New Approach

Its new and fresh.

Ease of Use

Swypr even a baby can do!

How We Build This Awesome App

Our story!

Come and journey with us on, the Swypr App Story…

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We Made Great App

Optimization. Performance. Popularity. Speed

The Swypr app is better than what you are currently using. Let our stats guide you to a new decision.

All about Swypr


Our Mobile App is designed from an End User perspective, we are totally focused on our End User Experience of our mobile app. The ease of use, design and all aspect of the app is unique to Swypr.


Gone are the days where candidates are bombarded with relevant and irrelevant jobs. With Swypr, you get a daily curated job cards that are matched directly to you. The app learn your interest as you use it.

Tap-Tap Time

In one fluent gesture you have applied or rejected a curated job that does or doesn’t match your requirements.

Beta & RD

Swypr is constantly updated and developed to ensure that your needs are foremost when using our services.

New Approach

We are providing a new approach to Recruitment. Give the candidate more resources and tools to be able to manage their job search and application on the go!


There are also a number of tools that are focused @ agencies and companies where Swypr digitize and manages their recruitment process end to end.

Swypr is building the most powerful mobile & online “virtual-place” for highly skilled professionals who believe that working for themselves is the ultimate form of job satisfaction. And we wouldn’t have been able to start without these talented minds.

Our Team

The Brains behind Swypr


James McIvor

Founder & CEO

Toyah Tyler


Claire Barnes
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We want to redefine Recruitment, banish the job-board, get rid of the unsolicited job emails, get rid of job algorithms plus the myths & the middle men. It should be about You, the job and the hiring manager. We also want to digitize and empower agencies and companies out there by providing them with the Swypr Tools.

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